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Hi, I'm Austin, creator of Go Budget. I strongly believe in the principles of simple, manual budgeting - the kind where you track your spending and bills yourself, instead of letting your bank tell you about them after the fact. Through the years I have tried many apps and tools for doing this, but each time I ended up with my budget back in a spreadsheet.

Every time I'd try something new I would run into the same problem - it was just too hard to enter spending transactions. In many cases it was a pain to do just about anything, not to mention the lack of manual budgeting tools with modern designs. Eventually I had to make a choice - keep falling back to my trusty spreadsheet for budgeting, or take a chance and try to make the budgeting app of my dreams. And thus, Go Budget was born.

I hope you like Go Budget's simplicity - and would love to hear about your experiences with it!

Happy budgeting,

Austin, Go Budget Creator

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Have questions? Want to chat? Report a bug? Drop us a line at support@gobudget.io


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