Go Budget+ Subscription

February 2021
Go Budget is free to use for individual users who just need to budget on their own, using their device. For users who need to share a budget with someone else (like a spouse or partner), or for anyone who wants to take advantage of Go Budget's online backup, we offer Go Budget+
About Go Budget+
Go Budget+ is a premium subscription which provides the following features:
  • 1. Sync budgets with any other user
  • 2. Back up budgets online
  • 3. Access budgets on any device
Once you sign up for Go Budget+, you can invite as many other Go Budget users as you want to share your budgets. As long as your subscription is active, they will be able to access your shared budgets. Only the owner of a budget has to have a subscription, so if you and your partner want to create a joint budget, only one of you (whoever created the budget initially) needs to subscribe.
Why is Go Budget+ a subscription?
The core features of Go Budget+ include backing up budget data on Go Budget's servers and syncing shared budgets between users. These features require ongoing server costs, which is why Go Budget+ is not just a one-time purchase.

Additionally, your Go Budget+ subscription helps pay for the continued development of new features, some of which are available only to Go Budget+ subscribers.
Do my partner and I both need Go Budget+ to share a budget?
Nope! Only one of you - whoever initially creates the budget in the app - needs to subscribe to Go Budget+. Then you can invite the other to your budget using their Go Budget email address.

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