Handling Irregular Income

September 2020
Go Budget automates tracking your income wherever possible, but in many cases income is irregular. Go Budget handles both kinds of irregular income - income which arrives irregularly, and income which arrives on a regular basis but changes in amount. Below is a quick guide on how to manage these situations with the app.
Income You Receive Irregularly
For this type of income, create an income source and set the frequency to Irregular. Then, the income source will always show up in the Income This Period section of the Overview tab, and you can tap it to add one-off payments as they come in.

Each payment you add will show up in the Income This Period section for the period containing the payment date.
Income You Receive Regularly With Changing Amount
For an income source that you receive on a regular basis but which is different every time (e.g. if your hours are different each week), create an income source and set the frequency to whatever frequency you receive the income.

Set the amount for roughly the amount you usually get (it doesn’t have to be exact). Each payday, Go Budget will log a spending payment automatically for this income source. Just tap the income Go Budget created and edit the Paid amount’ field to the exact amount you got. Save the payment and voila - you’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can create an Irregular income source as noted above and manually enter a one-off payment each time you get paid.
Other Scenarios - Bonuses, etc.
For rare irregular income like bonuses, you can add one-off payments for any income source, even if the source has a regular frequency. Just tap on the income source from the Overview page and tap Add One Time Payment.

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