Joint Budgets

September 2020
Part of Go Budget’s core purpose is to not only make manual budgeting painless for an individual, but for families and other joint budget users as well.

With Go Budget+, you can invite others to join your budget(s) and they will stay in sync automatically between you.
Inviting A New Budget Member
Inviting a new budget member is straightforward.
  • 1. Sign up for a Go Budget account if you haven’t already - tap the Person icon from the main app screen and Create A New Account
  • 2. From the same Profile screen, tap Get Go Budget+ and subscribe to Go Budget+. For more info on why this costs money, see the relevant blog post :)
  • 3. Once Go Budget+ is enabled (you’ll see ‘Go Budget+’ under your email address in the Profile screen), tap Manage & Share Budgets from the Profile screen and choose the budget you want to invite someone to.
  • 4. Tap Invite New Member, enter the email address they’ve used (or will use) to sign up for their Go Budget account, and send the invite. NOTE: the other user does NOT need a Go Budget+ subscription - only the budget owner does.
  • 5. The other user can then open the app on their device, open the Profile screen, and they should see an invite for your budget.
How do joint budgets work?
Shared budgets in Go Budget are very simple.

When you invite another member to your budget, they get full access to the budget and can do any operations on it except deleting it or changing its name.

Each time any member adds spending, marks a bill paid, or makes any changes, this action will be synced with all of the other members.

As long as the owner of the budget maintains an active Go Budget+ subscription, all other budget members will continue to have access and the budget will stay in sync across each member's device.

Have questions? Want to chat? Report a bug? Drop us a line at support@gobudget.io

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